Bo William

I had the privilege of meeting baby Bo this weekend in St. Paul, Minnesota. His parents Kali & John invited me into their beautiful home, and gave me the opportunity of capturing the new joy and love they have for their baby boy!

I was so lucky to work with Kali over 8 years ago at Santa Lucia in Fargo, although only for a short time, we bonded quickly. It felt like I saw her yesterday, and was so fun to catch up with her and John. Kali has a heart of gold and I know that she will pass this on to her son, Bo.

I can't leave without a shout out to Kali's first born Pauly, also known as Poopie! He may be smaller than his little brother, but you could tell he was proud to be a part of the photos.

Check out the beautiful photos we got, and give them so love!