The Dhuyvetters | Lola is 2!

Let's talk for a second about how time flies. I honestly cannot believe how fast time goes once you have children. Everyone always told me that it would go fast, but man, it really does fly. A prime example is little miss Lola. She just turned 2 a few weeks ago, which means that I almost have a 2 year old as well! How crazy is that?

Lola is a insanely intelligent, sweet, and outgoing little girl. I've spent a decent amount of time around her, so you think she would have warmed up to me eventually, but she really made me work for the smiles I got! She really didn't know what to think about the guy that kept wiping the chocolate off of her face. I'm hoping later in life we can share a bond just like I do with her parents!

It brings me such joy to be able to capture Lola with her parents; Amber & Dane. They have been friends of mine for as long as I can remember. We've shared some wonderful times over the years, but not much can compete with watching each others children grow, not even the fox glasses. It has been so fun for me to see Amber & Dane become parents and raise this sweet girl!

Happy Birthday Lola!